Amkho Series MK2

Amkho Series MK2 is our flagship labelling machine. It is 100% fully developed and built in Malaysia.

Key Features

  • Product Range Flexibility
    Able to label on almost any shape of container and multiple angles of up to 4 sides of the container (front, back, top, bottom, wraparound, etc.)


  • Tilt Angle Adjustment
    Fine tuning on labelling heads for tilt, horizontal and vertical axis


  • Modular Design
    Customizable modules to suit changeover for different bottles
    (machine picture below shows side and wraparound labelling module)


  • Strong and Robust
    Machine body frame made of high quality stainless steel


  • Tool-less Setup
    Convenient changeover with our fingertips control design over 4-axis pitch and roll setup adjustments


  • Label Stop Accuracy
    Within ±1 mm


  • Synchronized System
    Integrated servo motors and PLC


  • Touch Screen Control
    With 99 memory settings


  • High Speed
    Conveyor speed up to 40m/min (up to 200bpm)


  • Zero Downtime (Optional)
    Incorporates extra label head with auto label switchover when low label roll detected


  • Upgradeability
    Optional add-on modules (hot foil coder, inkjet printer, clear label sensor, low level label roll detection, missing label detection, etc.) *Shown is Thermal Inkjet Printer